Dog Training Hickory NC

Group Lessons

Lynwood Kennel is now offering Beginner Obedience Training. This is a reward-based basic obedience course that will help you bond with your dog, socialize your dog, and teach him basic commands. Your dog will be rewarded for correct behavior, not punished for incorrect behavior. We have small class sizes. This class is available to dogs over 6 months of age who have been spayed or neutered. We will teach your dog to walk politely on a leash, come when he is called, sit and down on command and a variety of other skills that will make him a better member of your household. Only non-aggressive dogs will be accepted for training.
Call 828-495-3647 for details or to register.

Private Lessons

If you would prefer one-on-one training with a coach and your dog, we offer private lessons. You may come for one lesson to work on a particular problem that you are having with your dog or come for a series of basic obedience lessons. Call 828-495-3647 for details or to register.

We can train you and your dog to prepare to be a therapy dog team.